Alirio Netto is a Brazilian singer and actor. Born in Florianopolis, he is one of the most recognized rock voices in Brazil, and an up-and-coming name among the greatest singers in the country. Be it on the theater, on the stage or in the studio, Alirio makes a strong impression with his powerful voice, amazing range and effortless control. As a vocal coach, he is steadily becoming a reference for those who take vocal study seriously.

Alirio played the role of ‘Jesus’ in the official production of Jesus Christ Superstar, in Mexico City (2000/2002).

In 2014, he played the second biggest role in the Brazilian production of the same play, but this time as ‘Judas Iscariot’, for which he was awarded “Best Musical Actor” according to one of Brazil’s most prominent newspapers, O Estado de São Paulo, among other very positive reviews on most of the media.

This led to features in the main TV shows in Brazil, including an interview by the most important interviewer in Brazil, Marilia Gabriela, in her weekly show. He has also performed in the biggest talk show in the country, hosted Jo Soares, among various other TV shows including Altas Horas, Jornal Hoje, Jornal do SBT and Programa Todo Seu.

As a Rock singer, Alirio got signed with the Prog Rock label Magna Carta for the release of his first band’s debut album, “The Journey”, by Khallice. The album was distributed in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Alirio also sings in the metal band Age of Artemis, which has two albums with worldwide distribution in their discography, one of them produced by renowned singer and producer Edu Falaschi (Angra).

He has shared the stage with huge acts such as Guns N’ Roses, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Sebastian Bach, Symphony X, Alanis Morisette, Simply Red and others in numerous shows and festival appearances

Alirio currently dedicates some of his time working as a vocal coach and singing teacher, offering classes and clinics around the country.

Alirio Netto and Rafael Bittencourt (Angra), a Brazilian rock legend, are working on a new project with major names in the local scene.

Alirio Netto played the role of Judas Iscariot in the Brazilian version of the musical Jesus Christ Superstar, directed by Jorge Takla and produced by T4F in Theatre cultural center Tomie Ohtake. For this work he has received praise from the main vehicles of the specialized media in the country. Participated also the main television programs in the country as “DE FRENTE COM GABI”, “JO SOARES”, “ALTAS HORAS”, among others.

Alirio is now the protagonist of the musical We Will Rock You / Queen where he plays the role of “Galileo” at Santander theater.

Simultaneously, Alirio Netto is composing his first solo album with production of Edu Falaschi, and also features guest appearances by Felipe Andreoli of Angra, Marcelo Barbosa also Angra and Almah band, and Tito Falaschi, the album is expected to launch in the second half 2016.