Alírio Netto and Darren Reeves, from Queen Extravaganza, release version of the track “Time” by Freddie Mercury
Posted on 05/25/2020 @ 12:18 | 58 views

fotoActor and singer Alírio Netto releases in partnership with Darren Reeves, the keyboardist for Queen Extravaganza, a band produced by Brian May and Roger Taylor, a version for the track “Time (Waits For Nobody)”, from Freddie Mercury’s solo career. Darren Reeves is the musical director of several productions, including We Will Rock You. The track was chosen to welcome fans in this special moment of humanity due to the Coronavirus. The video was recorded with each of the artists in their homes, respecting social distance.

Watch “Time”:

“This is one of the most beautiful songs in Freddie Mercury’s solo career. Along with my friend and Darren Reeves, keyboardist for Queen Extravaganza, of which I am the vocalist, we had the idea of making a version each in his house, paying tribute to an artist who is part of the life of both of us. A curious fact is that this song is part of a musical called “Time”, said Alírio Netto.


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